Tips for Enjoying the Holidays with Children They can be just a few weeks, but for some parents it forever. Having the kids at home during the holidays can be very stressful.

Parents typically spend some time at home say they have to work wonders to keep the kids entertained. And for those who work, added pressure is the fact adjust working hours for children are cared for at all times.

But not everything has to be that way. Please find below a number of tips to also enjoy the vacation of your children. “Best formula is undoubtedly” throw “of the family whenever possible, or resort to professional caregivers, which is not always easy to find and accessible to all family economies “

Get the balance.

If you work full time, or you are a part-time parent, it is important to have a balance between work and be home with the kids. After all, it’s holiday time and you deserve to enjoy it.

For many parents who work full time have to find alternative solutions for childcare places an additional burden of stress. The data reveal that this responsibility often falls more often on the mother.

In fact, having the opportunity to check out the work to be with the kids (which is an achievement), often ends up not being very satisfying for adults. Most people try to do some work at home or finish chores and backward at the same time, look after children, which ultimately is not very relaxing.

The best formula is undoubtedly “throw” of the family whenever possible, or resort to professional caregivers, which is not always easy or affordable for all household economies.

Find time for yourself.

A little peace and quiet can do wonders for your health. Therefore, try to make time for yourself during the holiday period. “Teaming up” with a friend / neighbor who also has children can work remarkably well.

Keep them busy.

Not only are the parents who must adjust to new routines during the holidays. Younger also need a period of adjustment. They have to find new ways of structuring the day and “interact” with others “will be at your service.”

Normally there are lots of local information on leisure activities dedicated to smaller house. You can even look for ideas on web pages devoted to the family. If you resort to an organized activity, be sure that the level of supervision and safety of children you are to your satisfaction.

Here are some helpful ideas for activities, especially when it’s raining or when it is not possible to devote the whole day to do some hiking:

  • Treasure Hunt: Hide small gifts throughout the house. This game is compatible with most ages, if we adapt the difficulty of hiding.
  • Bite the apple: Ata an apple to a string and hang it from the lintel of any of the doors of the house. Giving a little touch to the apple pendant sets turns children achieve bite without using hands.
  • Macaroni necklaces: Younger, link and other hollow macaroni pasta with long strips of wool can provide hours of fun and beautiful pieces of unique jewelry. Do not forget to put tape on one end of the wool to prevent the paste out. The paste can be decorated with colorful paintings, but you must be aware that this creativity can lead some fun extra cleaning after finishing the game.
  • Old standbys you can always turn to other popular entertainment in the family as are biking, fly kites or just wallow in a park.

Fun and healthy food.

Sometimes simply changing the routine, as the type of snacks or food that you give to the children, it may be enough to give the feel and own vacation fun. Among others, we show the following suggestions for healthy and fun foods:

  • Popcorn: Popcorn is a great fun for kids, parents very cheap and very healthy snack for all.
  • Milkshakes: Mixing banana or other fruit with milk, whisking as you can be part of a delicious snack. Throw in honey flavor, vanilla essence and a (plain or flavored) yogurt for delicious variations.
  • Homemade pizzas: Although it may be a bit cumbersome (especially, the little ones are the cooks), it can be a great way to have fun with cooking and dinner. You can buy pizza bases, tomato sauce, melted cheese and a myriad of possible ingredients for children to combine them to your liking and even draw faces with them.
  • Cute Mexico: The stars of Mexican food, tacos and burritos are other interactive and healthy meals. With fillings in the center of the table (minced meat, leaves well washed lettuce, tomato, avocado, cheese) and corn tortillas by hand, children can have fun feeling real chefs.

Adventure in Taroko Gorge TaiwanThe east coast of Taiwan offers a variety of beautiful scenery and unique to travel for tourists. These are the most popular tourist destinations in Taiwan , the ” Marble Gorge ” ( Taroko Gorge ) and the beautiful ” Isla Verde ” (Green Island) .

To reach ” Taroko Gorge” we suggest taking Suao Hualien Highway through the beautiful horizons , as the road runs along the coast by high cliffs Chengshui . For what you can rent a car , take the bus to Hualien from Taipei capital or take a plane or train as you see fit , our recommendation is you scroll through the highway taking you time to enjoy the wonderful coastline.

Taroko Gorge is located in the village of  Taroko which in Spanish means ” marble ” to get it to and go to the Taroko National Park , there began your adventure, you walk between the green and humid hills , passing the high cliffs, you can also find a significant number of Aboriginal people in the road or while crossing the bridges legendary. Here you will find a wonderful journey filled with beautiful scenery , long tunnels in the mystery Shakadang valley , and the eternal stream, an ancient Chinese building at the top of the valley with a waterfall running through the temple to lead several feet below.

We suggest you bear your raincoat by occasional rains and your swimsuit to enjoy ” the wives ” during the summer!

Northern Romanesque Boost its Tourism Promotion AbroadEnhance Northern Romanesque and differentiated tourism product quality through maximum cooperation between the public and private initiative to strengthen its spread through new technologies and encourage their promotion both domestically and abroad are the main areas action to seat Romanesque north as a reference tourist landmark national and international level . This is the main conclusion reached in the meeting held at the headquarters of the Fundacion Santa Maria la Real, which has been attended by the Vice President of the Provincial Council, Ana Maria Asenjo , the Delegate of the Board in Palencia , Luis Domingo Gonzalez , the Mayor of Aguilar , Maria Jose Ortega , tourist agents , representatives of restaurants and catering establishments in the region .

” Heritage is not a burden for administrations, quite the opposite. We received a cultural heritage and heritage of great value that represents one of our main economic resources , generating employment and development , “said the Director General of Tourism, who has said that by the Camino de Santiago and the Real World Heritage , ” the Romanesque is one of the landmarks and most popular tourist icons of Castile and Leon , an outstanding product of prestigious national and international level ,” he added .

In this line , Ramirez Utrilla noted that in line with the overall strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, will work on external dissemination of Cultural Tourism , Northern Romanesque brand , ” promoting it at trade fairs , professional meetings and markets and operators from Germany , France , Italy , Portugal and Central Europe, among other destinations . “

Structuring the territory and generate activity .

For his part, the Director of the Fundacion Santa Maria la Real, Juan Carlos Prieto , offered the paper ” tourism initiatives around Northern Romanesque ” , which explained that the intervention plan has launched a new model of heritage management , which are not designed restorations point , but a comprehensive intervention in the heritage of an entire territory . ” The early years of the Plan focused on technical projects of restoration of the 54 churches. Now with the work carried out , the plan progresses and specializes in the dissemination and promotion of North Romanesque as a cultural and tourist product quality, with the economic activity generated in parallel and complementary , with that for the territory , creates employment and population is fixed , “said Prieto.

New Technologies and Social Networks .

Under this philosophy , in recent years they have organized various cultural activities and promotion around Romanesque north that have resulted in a greater benefit of the region . “They have held training courses, educational workshops, guided tours , dramatized tours , gastronomic , etc. . This has helped people from all over Spain and even abroad have traveled far, have stayed at the local places , have opted for gastronomy and trade in the region . In this line we must continue working , “added the Director of the Fundacion Santa Marila Real, who has also encouraging to continue working with the maximum collaboration with government , specialized agents in the sector and owners of establishments settle in rural areas. ” The innovation, new technologies and social media can be the best tools and partners to work on promoting Northern Romanesque exterior , to increasingly better known and appreciated ,” he concluded .

Council and Municipalities Working Together to Promote Tourism in TenerifeThe council and the island municipalities work together in promoting tourism in Tenerife. The Island Corporation and seven municipalities signed today [Thursday 12] a collaboration agreement to coordinate promotional activities abroad.

The president of the Cabildo, Ricardo Melchior, with Vice President and Chief island of Tourism, Carlos Alonso, today signed the document with the mayors of Adeje, JoseMiguel RodriguezFraga, Arona, Francisco Jose Nino, Granadilla, Jaime GonzalezCejas, La Laguna, Fernando Clavijo, San Miguel de Abona, Valentin Gonzalez, and Santiago del Teide, Juan Damian Gorrin addition to the Councillor for Tourism of Guia de Isora, Hector Gomez.

In this agreement, which provides for funding of 2.4 million euros to promote tourism, other municipalities may join later once the agreement is approved by their respective full.

The aim of this agreement is to coordinate the actions of promotion through Tenerife Tourism to optimize existing resources and tourism promotion is as efficient as possible through the tools and the experience of the entity under the Cabildo, which for more than a decade in charge of planning and implementing the action plan of the Island promotional

Meanwhile, Tenerife Tourist forwarded to each of the municipalities planned activity for the year so they know the details of each of the actions to be performed in different source markets.

Tips for Your Return From VacationReturning to work after the holidays can mean encountering a heavy workload. It can also be hard for get into the daily routine and we do not know even where to start with all the tasks that we have pending.

To try to make this happen and can not give out all those things that have accumulated in your absence will give the following tips to make it at least possible estrenaste:

Prioritize and set timings: identifies those tasks that have greater importance and urgency. Sort them by level and face each based on the “deadlines” set. If you do well and try to output all at once, the end did not amount to anything and lose effectiveness.

Be realistic and honest: if the workload is high you may need to reconsider the timings. To do this, it is always better that you warn in advance to the parties that may affect the new realignment, saying nothing and end delay can annoy colleagues or bosses.

Do not be fooled by distractions: to get back to the office, it may not be easy to change the chip and focus on what we have to do. Moreover, when the greetings happen with others who are already working or who are reentering later. It is always good socializing and caring for others but you have to know to return to work as you would at any other time of year.

If in doubt, question without fear: it is logical to rejoin clearly have not anything that has been done in your absence. So if a topic doubts ask your peers who have been while you were out. This way you will avoid doing something that has already been done or work on projects that are ruled out, etc..

10 Tips to Survive the Holiday WeekendAfter two months of sweltering heat , traffic jams on the way to the beach and mosquito bites , back to work is not so bad. All in the eye of the beholder and yes , even the return to routine can be difficult for many , it also has its positive side . And to prove it , we have listed some tips to help you survive the holiday weekend and the dreaded post-holiday syndrome .

1) Sign a whim. The first day back to work can be the hardest , so , it never hurts to indulge to lift spirits. For example , did you know that chocolate makes us more happy as it helps to increase the level of serotonin in the brain ?

2 ) The diet can wait. Yes, it hits September and we are all concerned about these ‘ extra pounds ‘ we caught between snacks on the beach, at the pool bar beers and barbecues in the country . But do not obesiones : think now it’s cold and you’re going to walk up to his ears plugged , so it conceal the flab sure you will be easier .

3 ) Reacquaint with your colleagues in style . Surely you’ve spent a few weeks away from your place of work and , therefore , of your classmates. Some straws afterwork to tell you what about what happened in your holiday and give you an update can be a good therapy to return with a good atmosphere . (more…)

During the month of April Valencia Positioned In DestinationsThe Valencia is positioned during the month of April as the third destination for Spanish, both in number of trips and stays, behind Andalusia and Catalonia, according to the latest survey of Familitur developed by the Institute of Tourism Studies (IET).

Domestic tourists were a total of 4,417,568 packages to the Region in the first four months of this year, which keeps the figure for the same period of 2012, at a time of decline of 12.4% for the whole of the Spanish domestic travel, according to a statement from the Government.

Furthermore, these results show that during the first four months of the Region residents accounted for 62.3% of trips, an increase of 10.8% over the same period in 2012.

Moreover, the survey shows that weekend trips, whose share was 56.5%, increased 12.7% last April.

The survey released today shows a forecast of the results from January to July of 2013 in which the Spanish trips bound for Valencia reached the figure of 9,853,291, an increase of 2.6% over the same period , 2012.

Small Green Libraries GuideAs part of the ecological trend of architecture, some libraries are moving towards a sustainable model. Being home so much knowledge is not surprising that with the future in mind and act to protect the environment through the greening of their structures. According to LEDA (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building is one that has been built with the following in mind:

The structure was designed and built using sustainable development site.

  • Saving water.
  • Energy efficiency.
  • Selecting green materials.
  • Indoor environmental quality.

The following are three libraries that are doing well. Each role model: (more…)

Madrid will be Promoted as a Tourist Destination Shopping in Over 20 Countries

To achieve this promotion as a tourist destination Madrid Shopping, the Minister of Tourism and Culture Employment, Ana Isabel Marino, has just recently signed a partnership agreement with the company that manages Las Rozas Village (Value Retail) to promote Madrid as a destination for purchases in more than twenty European countries and emerging markets like Brazil, Russia, India and China. The campaign also includes promoting the attractions of Madrid at Las Rozas Village and the other eight villages that the company operates in Europe, which are frequented by millions of tourists from around the world and citizens of the eleven major cities nearby these centers: London, Milan, Munich, Dublin, Barcelona, Paris, Brussels, Cologne, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt and Antwerp.

Marino signed this agreement with the director of Value Retail Business Spain, Elena Foguet, with the mayor of the town, José Ignacio Fernández Rubio. The entry took place in the new tourist information office in Las Rozas Village, which opened today and which is also the number 46 of the Red Mad About Info, which coordinates the regional government. (more…)

Holguin is the Best Tourist Destination of CubaFor Pichs Lourdes Rodriguez. The tourist destination of Holguin with their 4000 808 rooms is now the destination with better service and higher satisfaction levels in the country. The assessment was made by Manuel Bisbe, Commercial Director of the Ministry of Tourism (MINTUR) of Cuba, in a meeting with reporters from several national media.

He said that in this area of the Eastern Cuba nicely blends an attribute group, because besides having sufficiently optimal beaches and lush nature has a rich historical and cultural heritage, hotel plant mostly four and five stars and qualified professional force.

With emphasis referred to the city of Gibara, which he described as historic and beautiful and where there have been important steps in the past two years, as the recovery of the 27-room Hotel Ordono chain belonging to Charming Hotels. “This facility is a gem of architecture and heritage values confluence, modern comfort and personalized service.” (more…)